Old Time Bakery

The end of Vietnam, President Kennedy´s murder , the Watergate, the Cold War tension, the nuclear threats…. Events which market the end of 60´s and the future decades.

But this, it´s just bored.

The history of this period it´s been market with music, tv, sport, fashion and the prominent figures which meant reinforcing the world of the spectacle. A period which might seems to be superfluous…, but market by the color, living wishes and a happy and honest way to face life.

If you ever had rewind a tape with a pen, if you cryed “Chanquete´s” death, if a Pac-Man had stolen your free time, if you went out on the street to play with the only condition to get back before night…, then, welcome to the Club of the “Old Time Bakery”.

An spectacle with no other objective than you start similing and bring you through into an old times aroma, when the motto was just…; “Be happy and Smile”.

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